Módulo de câmera Sony CMOS | Perguntas Freqüentes

Perguntas Freqüentes

Você é uma fábrica?

Yes, we have our own production line, with 100 levels of dust-free workshops and professionally trained production workers.And have automatic equipment production line.

Você pode fornecer o serviço OEM&ODM?

Our KZ brand is famous in worldwide with more than 10 years of international OEM & ODM service experience.

Você garante a qualidade dos seus produtos?

Yes,we have introduced complete quality management system as well as rigorous technical standards.All these enable us to offer you top-notch products and services which meet your requirements.  

Quais são as áreas onde seus produtos podem ser usados? Quais plataformas?

Our camera module can be applied in security and monitoring field, electronic consumer field, Internet of Things field, industrial pole field and vehicle-mounted application field Wearable devices field, medical field, etc.The platform mainly depends on the selection of the client and needs to complete the software debugging by itself.

Quanto tempo dura o ciclo de produção?

Spot camera module: Sample order our delivery time is 2-3 days.Bulk orders take 9-10 days.Custom camera module: Sample order our delivery time is 7-9 days. Bulk orders take 12-15 days  

Sobre o envio?

DHL,UPS,FEDEX,TNT,Post,Air Mail and so on.

Quais são as condições de pagamento?

T/T, Alibaba trade assurance....